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2007 Club Diary

posted Mar 2, 2010, 7:06 AM by Vaughan Castine   [ updated Mar 2, 2010, 7:26 AM ]

Annual General Meeting - Feb 4th

Hi everyone, hope that you all had a good Christmas and that the New Year has been treating you well.

Its time for us to start thinking towards the coming season... training will start soon so I hope everyone has done a better job than I have of retaining fitness in the off-season.

But, on to the important news... Greenwood Gaelic Football Club will hold our AGM at The Mighty Quinn on Sunday February 4th at 2pm.

There are a couple of things that we need you to do:

(1) Come along and get involved.

(2) We are seeking nominations for the positions of:
a) President
b) Vice President
c) Treasurer
d) Secretary
e) General Committee members
f) Social Committee members
Feel free to nominate yourself or someone else affiliated with the club.
If possible please email nominations through prior to the AGM

(3) Come along and get involved.

Project assistance

We've been contacted by Brid Fennessy, a Business Studies and Event Management student
in Limerick Institute of Technology in Ireland. He has requested assistance with his final year project.

In his words:

I am in my final year and we have been asked to design a conceptual event idea as our final year project.

The event that I have decided to run is an annual 3-day G.A.A tournament in Co. Tipperary, Ireland where teams from all over the world will be invited to attend.

The focus in the G.A.A. is generally towards the men�s teams so therefore, as a former camogie player, I have decided that the tournament will be for women only. As you know there are many camogie and ladies gaelic football clubs all over the world, not just in Ireland. I propose that we bring these clubs together for the first time to have an international tournament held in the home of the G.A.A.

The matches will be 10 a-side and any teams that cannot bring the full 10 will be permitted to attend as they can be teamed up with people from other teams, if they so wish. There will be a Gala dinner on the final day of the event held in a hotel in Tipperary where the winners will be given their prizes and where ladies G.A.A. itself will be celebrated.

A huge part of this project is the Market Research section, which I am currently undertaking. We have been asked to send out as many questionnaires as possible in order to complete the market research. You will find attached to this message a copy of the questionnaires that I have written for this idea.

I would be extremely grateful if you could possibly fill this questionnaire in yourself and also give it to as many members of your team as possible. This is really essential to me as I need to have a couple of hundred questionnaires in total and the
reply rate from other teams has been very poor so far. I know this is a lot of hassle, especially since the event is only an idea and is not real, but I would be so grateful if you could do this as it is essential to my final year project.

I have made the questionnaire as short and simple as possible to ease the process.

It would be a great help if you could e-mail any completed questionnaires back to me as soon as possible or if you prefer, you could post them to me. Whichever suits you and your team the best.

Once again I know this means a lot of work on your behalf, especially at this time of year, but I would be extremely grateful if you could just send me back as many completed questionnaires as you could as it would be the biggest help to me and my project cannot be completed otherwise.

Yours gratefully,

Brid Fennessy

Home Address
19 Gleann Ri,
Co. Tipperary,

St.Patrick's Sports 2007 - Updated 15th March

Well, the draw for the St Paddy's carnival has finally been released. To beat the heat the 7 a-side tournament schedule has been given an overhaul this year - split not only over a few different days, but also across some nights. Make sure you pay attention to the details in the fixtures.


Note that these were updated for the guys games.
Date Team Time Pitch Versus Venue
Sunday March 11 Women 3pm 1 Morley Collier Park, Como
Women 4:20pm 1 Southern Districts Collier Park, Como
Men 5:40pm 1 Southern Districts Collier Park, Como
Wednesday March 14 Men 6pm 2 St.Finbarrs Collier Park, Como
Wednesday March 21 Men 6:40pm 2 Western Shamrocks Collier Park, Como
Sunday March 25 Women 9am 1 Western Shamrocks Eftel Oval, Lathlain
Women 11am 1 St.Finbarrs Eftel Oval, Lathlain
Men ? 11.40am 1 Men's GF Plate Final 3 v 4 Eftel Oval, Lathlain
Women ? 12.20pm 1 Women's GF Plate Final 3 v 4 Eftel Oval, Lathlain
Men ? 3pm 1 Men's GF Final 1 v 2 Eftel Oval, Lathlain
Women ? 3.45pm 1 Women's GF Final 1 v 2 Eftel Oval, Lathlain

Rules to Participation

  1. Team entry fees must be paid in full before first game played.
  2. All games to be 7 a side with up to 8 interchange players in any given game. List of 15 players to be provided before game commences.
  3. Interchange system - to apply players can only come on and off via marked area. Only 7 players to be on the field at any given time.
  4. All players without exception to complete the GAA of WA Registration Form with two recent passport photos before the first game they participate in.
  5. All players to pay $10 Club fee before first game they play.
  6. All players to pay $20 GAA Registration fee before first game they play.
  7. The above two fees will be deductible from the club registration fees when it is due.
  8. All players from overseas to complete appropriate overseas Transfer Forms.
  9. All Team Officials, Match officials and players to adhere to our GAA Code of Conduct.
  10. All Teams to provide a Linesperson and two Goal Umpires for each game they participate in, each Match Official to wear uniform provided.
  11. Where teams are to provide a Match Referee, they are required to confirm who that will be to Damian McCague 48 hours before the game.

Competition Rules

  1. Time - All games including Finals to be two fifteen minute halves, plus any injury time required.
  2. Drawn at full time in any Final - maximum two periods only of 5 minutes each way with a 2 minute break between halves. Then move to 21 metre line for "kick-off". i.e. five kicks each and then sudden death if necessary.
  3. Penalties - in the large parellogram to apply as per normal.
  4. Goal kick outs - (regardless of score/wide) to be taken inside the small parellogram.
  5. Goal Kick outs - to be taken as per normal in each of the three codes.
  6. Pitch Dimension - maximum length 80 - 100 metres and width 40 - 50 metres.
  7. Late start - Should a Team not be ready to commence 10 minutes after scheduled start time they will forfeit the game in question. The game will not be played.
  8. Panel - All teams to nominate a Panel (up to 20 players for duration of competition), list of players to be provided before first competition game. Penalty - can only play those nominated in first game.
  9. 50's - recorded by Match Referree in all games and used to determine the outcome of any game.
  10. Finalists positions determined (men's GF & Hurling) - by; 1 teams who win the most games, 2 in the event of a drawn number total scores for, 3 if still level total scores for divided against total scores and 4 least number of "50's" against.
  11. Finalists positions determined (Women's GF) - Due to the uneven number of games that teams play as above for Men's GF & Hurling except that for the team that plays 4 games you divide 4 into 3 for each result thereby determing a average over three games.
  12. All other playing rules of Women's/Men's Gaelic Football and Hurling apply. 

St Patrick's Update

Note that the GAA rescheduled the guys games due to ground availability.

Due to player availability we have rescheduled them again. We are aiming to get the other clubs to agree to rescheduling to 6pm Wednesday night for the remaining games.

If you weren't at game 1 and want to ensure you are in the loop drop Vaughan a mail... We'll be in direct contact if we can't get the Wednesday night schedule

St Patrick's Carnival Results - Updated 25th March

March 11
Women3pm1MorleyWin: 4-11 (23) to 2-3 (9)
Women4:20pm1Southern DistrictsWin: 2-18 (24) to 2-6 (12)
Men5:40pm1Southern DistrictsLoss: 3-5 (14) to 5-3 (18)
March 14
Men6pm2St.FinbarrsLoss: 1-5 (8) to 8-6 (30)
March 21
Men6:40pm2Western ShamrocksLoss: 1-3 (6) to 10-11 (41)
March 25
Women9am1Western ShamrocksWin
Women11am1St.FinbarrsGame Cancelled
Women3.45pm1Women's GF Final 1 v 2Win: 3-17 (26) to 2-5 (11)

2006 Photo Updates

Thanks to our travelling pivotal club-men from last year we have some new photos in the gallery. Cillian (from Ireland) has sent though some shots from the Australasian games, and John Collins (from England) has sent through a shot of the Women's International Rules team. Visit our gallery to view these.

St Patrick's Results

Congratulations to the Greenwood Women who defeated the Finbarrs Women in the Final of the St Patrick's competition (3-27 to 2-5).

Photos are available in the  gallery.

Morley Scratch Match - 11th April

Hope that you are having a good Easter.

Training on the 11th April will be replaced by scratch matches against Morley.
The games will be held at the Morley training ground (Bayswater Rugby Club - just being the Morley Recreation Centre).

Ladies will be kicking off at 6:30 pm. The Men should be down around the same time to get kitted out and start warming up.

This is a 15-a-side game so we need everyone down at the grounds... please contact Renae (0401 672 463), Brendan (0448 815 157) or Vaughan (0417 949 774) if you are unable to make it.

In the spirit of making this a great social season we will be firing up the BBQ just after 8pm. Both clubs will be putting on the food and drinks... so if you can - plan to stay around and get to know some of your club-mates.

See you Wednesday



Morley Scratch Match

The games from the frienddly match were evenly split - Greenwood won the Women's game, and Morley won the Men's game. Both were hard fought and a lot of fun, as was the craic around the barbecue afterwards.

Thanks to Robbie O'Callaghan from Morley for suggesting the games, and to all members of both comittees who made it happen.

Father Kelly Cup Fixtures

The 2007 Father Kelly Cup Fixtures have been released.

This weekend (22nd April) it's game on:
- Greenwood Ladies play at 11:20am and at 2pm. (Ladies will also need 3 volunteers to do goals & lines at 10am and 12:40pm).
- Greenwood Men play at 10:40am and 1:20pm. (Men will also need 3 volunteers to do goals & lines at 12pm and 2:40pm).
- Hurling is on at 4:40pm. 

Helpers needed this weekend

Last Saturday (14th April) Vaughan and Bryce assisted getting the goals up at Collier Reserve.

This Saturday (21st April) from 12-4pm we are looking for 2 more volunteers (maybe one from the Ladies team and one from the Mens) to help prepare the playing pitch at Collier Park for the matches on Sunday.

Canteen helpers will also be needed for Sunday - Trina will confirm the details when she knows more.

2007 Season

The 2007 season fixtures are now available as a PDF from - in a downloadable them from the GAA website.

Join us at Collier Reserve in Como for our up-coming games.

WomensMensVersusOther Details
May 6th12:1513:15Western Shamrocks 
May 13th10:0011:00Southern Districts 
May 20th12:1513:15St Finbarrs 
May 27th10:0011:00Morley Gaels 
June 3rdBYEBYEBYEFoundation Day Weekend
June 10th14:30BYECoastal Breakers 
June 17th13:1512:15Western Shamrocks 
June 24th10:0011:00Southern Districts 
July 1st12:4513:15St Finbarrs 
July 8th10:0011:00Morley Gaels 
July 15th14:30BYECoastal Breakers 
July 22nd13:1512:15Western Shamrocks 
July 29th10:0011:00Southern Districts 
August 5th12:1513:15St Finbarrs 
August 12th10:0011:00Morley Gaels 
August 19th14:30BYECoastal Breakers 

2007 Registration and Transfer Forms

All players within the league need to be registered (even if only playing for one game).
The registration form that covers both the GAA and Greenwood GFC is available at training from Vaughan. 

The GAA WA has reminded us that backpackers/travellers and players transferring from another Australian State or overseas will be required to complete a transfer form/registration form prior to ANY game (including pre season competitions).

Irish backpackers/travellers need to know that the Perth competition is a "League", not a "Championship" competition. This should be noted on Intercounty Tranfer Forms upon return back to Ireland.

The GAA WA has a registrar who is more than happy to help people through the registration process. Ask any of the GGFC Comittee members if you need help in this area. 

Another win

Our Ladies have capped off another year with both the League and the MNA cup returning to our trophy cabinet.

2007 Australasian Championships

Greenwood were well represented in both the Men's and Ladies State Teams in Sydney, both amongst the players and management.

A great effort from the Ladies team on their third title in a row at the Australasian Championships.

Congratulations also to our players that were named in the All Australian Team:

  • Men: Sebastian Permain (Left Full Back)
  • Women:
    • Lydia Padgett (Right Full Forward - also player of the series) 
    • Jane Padgett (Panel) 
    • Lisa Ammoscato (Left Full Back) 
    • Pia Kilburn (Right Half Back) 
    • Renae Campbell (Center Half Forward) 

As well as those named for consideration for the Women's tour of Ireland

  • Rochelle Moore
  • Amity Campbell